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Rachel's Ready Meals is a range of pies, casseroles and puddings to save you time and effort while ensuring you, your family and guests eat delicious and nutritious top quality, home cooking standard of food.  Everything is made in the farmhouse kitchen in small batches, without additives, using home-reared/grown ingredients as far as possible. 


The extra small size is perfect for one person, while there is a medium size which should suit a couple and a large for 4-6.


Meals are sold in lidded foil trays, with cooking instructions, but we can make to order and/or in your own dishes if preferred.

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The large size serves 3-4 and weighs about 1kg.  The medium size serves 1-2 weighing about 470g and the small serves 1 weighing about 250g.

Casseroles£ per largeDescription
Beef in Stout£10.50With bacon, mushrooms and stout.
Beef Rendang£10.50Spicy (not too hot) Indonesian dish - coconut, lemongrass, ginger
Beef with Leeks and Gruyere £10.50Usual, a great favourite
Lamb Tagine with Apricots
 £10.50Mildly spicy without being hot
Chinese Pork
 £10.50Sweet and sour.  Popular with children and adults
Lamb Bhuna
 £12.50Medium hot, superb flavour. Must try.
Pies, Etc.  
Steak and Kidney Pie £10.50Puff Pastry, mushrooms and plenty of kidney
Steak Pie £10.50Just beef, onions and herbs.  So perfect for families
Minced Beef Wellington £10.50Classy dish without the price-tag of fillet steak - meatloaf coated in paté and puff pastry.  Children love it as well.
Cottage Pie £8.00You won't be disappointed.
Lasagne  £8.00A particularly delicious version with mozarella and parmesan - another tribute to Delia
Chicken Pie with leeks and bacon £10.50Home-made organic chicken stock makes the perfect sauce.
Coarse Pork and Herb Terrine £16.00Serve on a little salad with some chutney.
Sweet Each 
Tarte Citrone£4.50Creamy and tangy.  Home made pastry
French Apple Flan£4.50Made with special Pate Sucre pastry, home-grown apples and glazed with apricot.  Must try.
Fruit crumbles £3.75Classic