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Our pedigree organic Longhorn herd is grass fed.  The graze outdoors all year on a variety of herbs, grasses and home-made hay for about 3 years (compared with about 18 months for most commercial cattle).  This gives the meat time to mature gently giving it a deeper flavour and more marbled texture. Our grassland is protected by a higher level stewardship agreement with Natural England which wants to protect the variety of plant and animal live it harbours.


Longhorn beef is a favourite among celebrity chefs:  Says Heston Blumenthal in the Times:


"The Longhorn has it all for me - the nutty, grassy, blue cheese note that I found in the steaks I ate in New York plus a marvellous moisture and juiciness, alongside a firm but giving texture".


Along with Heston, many other chefs such as John Torrode as well as the Ginger Pig meat book are recognising the superior quality of Longhorn beef. It's not just the steaks that customers rave about, but the mince and casserole steak as well as the joints.


As well as being picturesque, Longhorns are judged by connoisseurs to produce the best beef. 


A recent blind tasting in Country Life Magazine put Longhorn top.  'Delicious', 'very sweet and melts in the mouth' and 'soft on the palate'.  One judge said that the Longhorn was 'the perfect steak'



Our cattle live out all year and mature slowly on grass and hay made on the farm.  The beef on sale has been hung for 4 weeks (except the mince and stewing/braising steak) to maximise the flavour and tenderness.


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