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In the 17th  and 18th Century, Jacob Sheep were imported from Spain by the British landed gentry, believed to be descendants of the flock established by Jacob in the book of Genesis.  They are now considered a native breed and protected by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. 


An ancient and slow-growing breed, they thrive in our extensive, grass fed system.  Their wool is in demand from home spinners and they make an attractive picture in the fields here at Turweston/Brackley.  The meat is particularly lean compared to other breeds.




Jacob meat tastes delicious, is low in total fat, low in cholesterol and high in quality protein compared to other red meats.  Only rabbit and venison rank better. 


Jacobs are easy lambers so can lamb outside.  They basically spend all their lives in the field grazing the Versions grass and herbs. 


Versions lamb and mutton is hung for a week to further enhance flavour and tenderness.


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